We produce high-tech machines with high energy efficiency. We contribute to electricity savings.

Why Lignum?

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, it aims to provide better service to you by taking place in the sector with its competent personnel and information systems. Therefore, we continue our work without sacrificing quality.

Experienced Team
With our experienced and dynamic team that steers the sector, we work in unison with our customers and help you make a difference with fully customized and innovative solutions on the way to growth.
Our Quality Policy
Quality, perfection is a goal that has been created and needs to be constantly improved. The most important issue for us is that we always support our customers and ensure their trust. Therefore, customer-oriented service quality procedures are constantly evolving.
Reliable Service
While we have a sensitivity that aims to respond to the needs of our customers immediately, it is our most important duty to establish a close relationship with them and meet their changing needs instantly and reliably.

What are we doing?

Pallet Production Lines
Production lines designed to meet your production needs for EPAL and various pallet types
Cable Reel Production Lines
Production lines covering fastening and machining operations for your cable reel production of various sizes
Cutting Slicing Lines
Cutting and processing techniques with rich features in terms of the capacity and features of your pallet and timber production facilities
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Product New Vertica 180
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