With the participation of our founder Rıdvan TUNÇ, who entered the Woodworking Machinery sector by making the automation software of Woodworking Machinery in 2005, Lignum Woodworking Machinery Industry Trade Limited Company started its journey in 2018 with the aim of becoming one of the leading companies in the industry.
Our company, which continues production in Bursa Nilüfer, continues production with more than 50 employees, including Manufacturing, R&D, Marketing and Finance departments. Quality control tests are carried out meticulously at the last stage, after our CE Certified machines, which are completely designed by us, are subjected to all kinds of controls during the design and manufacturing phase.
It is one of the few companies that can offer such a wide range of products to the Woodworking industry in Turkey, with single and double nailing pallet lines, cable reel driving and processing lines, cutting machines and conveyors and conveyors produced according to customer demand.
Our company, which can produce every stage of woodworking machines in-house with the laser, bracket machines and CNC lathes in our manufacturing department, also reflects its quality to every stage of production with its expert and expert team.
Our company, which directs the timber and pallet production sector in the country, has a very high export capacity abroad, especially in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. We support the development of production capacities and quality of our manufacturers by supporting our manufacturers to determine suitable machines and lines for their own companies with the analyzes we make at their facilities.
Not only before sales, but also after sales, together with our Experienced Technical Service team, we prevent a possible loss of production in the fastest way by intervening remotely or on-site in all kinds of problems experienced by our manufacturers. Providing after-sales support as soon as possible is one of the most important principles of our company.
The only goal of our company is to represent the Turkish Machinery Industry in the best way with the slogan of "Expert Team, High Quality, Satisfied Manufacturer" by serving our manufacturers with high quality standards not only in the country but all over the world.



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